“Demonstrating and clamouring?”


That’s what pushes change?
I thought that legislation was how lasting political change was enacted…not media stunts.

At one time, new awareness could be generated in the general population by staging a media events (and local representatives would capitulate to public sentiment in order to preserve their political hides)…but now the messages are all too fractured and confused to make any widescale impact on the electorate – that might not even might trickle down to produce an effect on (whatever you want to call) the modern democratic process.

Trying to synch-up on all the different political ideologies is a fools game, that perpetuates the status quo.

Forget trying to win the battle against oppression and tyranny via the voting booths in a rigged game…I say the only real tool the electorate has, to apply pressure/change, is with with a strategy based on structuring our collective spending patterns.

Find a good tactical target and bring it to it’s knees by cutting off it’s cash flow. THAT would require true mass demonstration and organizational skills….Not just the placebo effects of marching around repeating tired slogans, and mouthing off for the occasional, short-lived media sound-bites.