Systemic Suppression: How a Movement Can be Undermined

managing-activismAn article called How The Corporations Defeat Political Movements  offers many valuable insights about the tactics that can be used to keep certain types of people from becoming activated on key issues. Yet it also forgets to address some of the internal weak points in an activists movement as well, by turning the tables on these definitions, for a closer inspection of where activism can undermine itself as well.

The basic premise is that there are 4 types of ‘activists’ who can be managed by PR strategists for more desirable results:

  • Radicals
  • Idealists
  • Realists
  • Opportunists

Take for example the shrill clarion calls of the self-righteous and morally enlightened zealots who feel that their personal indignance is the only logical argument they ever need to present, in order to get a message across. We could deduce that these types of activists could also simply be considered ‘Opportunists’ who seek to differentiate themselves by posturing on higher ethical grounds.

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