Cyber-Activism risks becoming a form of self-delusion. Where citizens can easily over-estimate their efficacy, in raising (their self) awareness, in an effort to at least become better informed citizens, if not placate their sense of ennui about issues by sharing their personal discoveries with others…presumably to raise awareness, or at least confirm solidarity around issues.

Yet, this becomes a risk, when people who claim to be “activists” suddenly realize that re-tweeting, sharing, and commenting are of little greater value to society, when you are preaching to personal choirs, and evangelising among the already converted. Furthermore, these tactics mean very little out in the 3-dimensional, world where most of the real work needs to be done.

In fact, many so called “Activists” are too easily satisfied by cyber-activities and perhaps trudging around with a placard. This placebo effect can in fact hurt real issues, because of the false sense of accomplishment they provide, and the lack of actionable items they produce.

Neo-Activism seeks deeper truth behind issues, and forms of action that can achieve more than simply spreading a pre-biased ‘awareness’ among those who already believe that they know better.









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