Is the Daily Show just a Stand-In for Actual Activism?

Is the Jon Stewart Daily Show really dying?
Or was it just a placebo for ACTUAL “activism” all along?


What concerns me personally, is how easily satisfied people by about “talking” about politics, and mistaking ‘awareness’ for ‘action’

The Daily Show is clearly aware of its own shortcomings as well, and it never set out to change the political landscape to begin with…So it always has that default position to fall back on, if it fails to make a measurable impact.

The audience was certainly entertained, but I fear that they may have been placated with the illusion that idle talk, and finger-pointing is somehow the equivalent of action and change. I think of the Daily Show as a political prosthetic for the motivationally disabled…Esp. since it mostly preaches to its own choir.

God love them though, for making a great go of it 😉

The following, is likely a more right-angled view of things, in the sense that it doesn’t pander to unquestionable Leftist ideology – and it was lifted from But it’s still worth considering, so long as one can factor in the weighting of sources, to see how any balancing points are still interesting and possibly even useful – when it comes to refining our outlook and tactics for better results.

According to Stewart and “The Daily Show,” activists who “glitter bomb” homophobic politicians are acting like “petulant children,” and Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of scatterbrained hippies who don’t truly represent the 99 percent. This is hardly a show that has its fingers on the pulse of the activist community. If the authors were given to copyright infringement, they might publish the following as an appendix in this book:

“The Daily Show’s” Guide to Activism

  • Wake up
  • Play Xbox for one to seven hours
  • Throw away empty PBR cans
  • Write angry Tumblr post about evils of corporations while smoking Marlboro reds, eating McDonald’s hamburger, and drinking Pepsi beverage
  • Watch “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart
  • Email petition to family
  • Avoid phone calls from family members
  • Change Twitter avatar to whatever color for whatever latest third-world country is being destroyed by crazed dictator
  • Search Wikipedia for information on said country in case later quizzed
  • Play Xbox for several more hours
  • Go to sleep with self-satisfied smile on faceReal activism doesn’t work that way.
    You can’t appoint a progressive messiah and listen to him snipe through your flat screen and expect for things to magically get better.

The only way to effect real change is through the precise instances of direct action that “The Daily Show”—supposed bastion of liberalism—repeatedly mocks, not only in brief comedy sketches on late-night TV, but on a grand scale such as the Rally to Restore Sanity.

In conclusion: Never trust a show owned by Viacom to lead a counter-culture revolution. If “The Daily Show” was ever a real threat to the establishment, it would have been cancelled years ago.