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Occupy Corporatism?

Corporatism Vs CapitalismThere’s a popular meme of  Corporatism vs. Capitalism, that risks both suppressing the full nature of Capitalism (which most people simply presume to mean ‘free markets’), while trying to demonize Corporations as the root of all the ills of society. Which is clearly a simplistic approach, that ignores the sources of the issues that arise around these much-maligned and misunderstood terms.

Despite the popular trends towards painting all corporations with the same brush with simplistic terms like “Corporatism”, there are some very important reasons to learn more about the corporate structure to try and effect positive change. More on this, as we go along.

Keep in mind that corporate charters are what first allowed huge public works projects, such as roads, bridges and railways to be built. Corporations are simply legal entities.
There are good and bad corporations, just like there are good and bad people…Saying that corporations are what’s wrong with the world belies ignorance about what a corporation actually is.

Everyone knows that money is the root of all evil.

More specifically, the kind of money that allows the association of “time” with the money to produce interest (money out of nothing) at levels that introduce the concept of “usury”. When base capital can basically double it’s value, and all of that excess get’s retained by the lender, you’re looking at what we call usury, and what has in fact been the root of all evil for many, many centuries now. Bankers are not among the most powerful organizations on earth by accident.


Capitalism on the other hand is an entire economic system that allows monetary supply to be manipulated by market-makers, and someone with no actual cash to leverage “assets” to “buy” stuff that they also only own in title (ie. which they can just as easily lose in receivership if credit and cash-flow dries up)…All in order to draw revenues (cash-flow) from paper/electronic assets…Rather than actual work.

ie. Capitalism allows people to draw profits simply from the movement of capital, rather than adding actual value into an economy through productivity. It’s a game that is rigged in favour of those who can accrue capital, generate margins, or trade inside information in order to profit from those who actually work for a living…as opposed to simply “managing capital”.

Capitalism Defined


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