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Dear Union Bosses…

Democracy Rules...Even if it means Katheryne Schulz

” We said it best in CUPE: Invest in people: We are the solution.”

That rhetoric is all fine and good so long as the public purse can keep getting topped up with deficit spending and more debt. But what about managing that investment, to assure that it doesn’t cost more than what it’s worth?

When was the last time that CUPE stated that over-compensating a certain job description (beyond fair-market value) creates an un-necessary burden on the rest of society?

How does over-investing in people, create the capital required to buy computers for schools, or an MRI machine for a hospital?

If those “people” (ie. unionized people) continue to gain via CBA’s to the point that they earn more than they are worth,then they’re just an economic drag…Due to the displaced funds that go into paying the OpEx for ‘human capital’ – rather than longer-lasting economic development through investments (and debt reduction) that yield long-term dividends for everyone, right across the board…not simply the individual public sector employee.

Or do you forsee a future where a service economy exists to support a privileged public sector class, and we all grow our economy via investments in offshored industries, and speculating on market bubbles perhaps?

I’d like to see indications (not just rhetorical grand-standing) that the public sector unions can see past the benefits they seek for their own membership, and demonstrate how society at large is served by continuing to support PS labour organizations in the future with our hard-earned taxes.


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